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Ever feel like your weeknights are on repeat? 🥱

>> Work, dinner, maybe a little TV, and then bed - with the kind of tired that makes you wonder where the spark went.

It's a common story for a lot of us, but who says it has to be this way?

Let's shake things up with some intentional intimacy.

Whether it's work stress, household chores, or the endless family obligations, it's time to carve out space for connection and pleasure.

​Ready to transform your PM routine into something you both will countdown to? 😃

Here Are
Our Six Favourite Ways
To Do Just That:

Here Are Our Six Favourite Ways to Do Just That:

1. Set the Mood for Intimacy

First, let's talk ambiance. Your bedroom should feel like a retreat, not just a sleep space.

Nothing will kill the mood like a pile of dirty laundry!

Decide on making your before a sanctuary for your sensual play. Clear the clutter for a distraction-free zone, freshen up with enticing linens and fragrances, and make it a phone-free sanctuary.

Don't forget a sexy playlist to set the tone!

2. Prep Together, Play Together

Turn your nightly prep into an opportunity for connection.

A shared shower? Brushing each other's teeth? Make it fun and silly.

If you're really tired, lay down and take turns giving and receiving a simple massage - grab some coconut oil and turn a routine evening into foreplay. This is not about grand gestures and adventures, it's about making the effort to connect.

3. Upgrade Your Nightwear (Or Lack Thereof)

Is your bedtime attire screaming "comfy" or "come here"?

Time for a sexy upgrade or, dare we suggest, going au natural?

It's about feeling confident and inviting closeness so your comfort is priority!

Slip into something that feels great on your skin or let your partner enjoy the beauty of your body.

With practice, you will get more and more comfortable so take it slow and communicate your feelings to your lover so they can support you in this process.

4. Bring Playful Pleasures
To Bed

4. Bring Playful Pleasures to Bed

No need for a detailed itinerary, but having a few sensual activities up your sleeve can spice things up.

Massages, erotic entertainment, or exploring fantasies through role-play can elevate your night from mundane to magical.

We get it, sometimes there is no energy left at the end of the day so communicate and plan these in advance.

What are some things you can have ready in your night stand drawer for an easy access when needed?

5. Start the Day Right:

5. Start the Day Right: Self-Care

The secret to a fulfilling relationship? Loving yourself and meeting your needs first.

A morning routine dedicated to self-care ensures you're both bringing the best version of yourselves to the relationship.

And we don't mean hours - your self care can be as simple as setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier, pour yourself a cup of coffee, do a few minutes of stretches and just have a few minutes to just be before staring your day.

Every moment of little pleasures adds up.

6. Keep It Fresh and Exciting

The perfect ending to your day doesn't just happen; it's crafted. Mix things up, stay open to trying new things, and communicate your desires.

Remember, intimacy is not just about the physical; it's about continuously connecting on every level.

Feeling inspired but not sure where to start?

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